Ippudo Akamaru Red


Ippudo Akamaru Red

Ippudo or Hakata Ippudo needs no introduction in Japan or many parts of the world where Ippudo has become the flagbearer in Hakata-style Tonkotsu ramen. Outside Japan this style of ramen has been heavily popularized overshadowing all other styles.

Akamaru (red) ramen is a bold version of Ippudo’s famous Shiromaru (white) and features deeper flavor and spiciness derived from their secret “Umami Dama” red sauce. This ramen features thin noodles typically served firm while the Umami Dama sauce adds a kick of spicy flavor which is perfect for the wintertime as opposed to the softer flavor of Ippudo’s Shiromaru (white) version of ramen.

Suggested toppings: pork belly chashiu, kikurage mushrooms, green onions. sliced cabbage